Tips for Piano Moving in North Carolina

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Posted on Dec 31, 2019

Tips for Piano Moving

Many households within the Triangle Area include a piano, whether for a gifted young person, a professional musician or the talented adults in the family. When it comes to relocating from one home to another, few things cause as much stress as moving this heavy instrument. Uprights, grands and baby grands all seem to weigh a ton and you do not want them damaged during your relocation. This is why piano moving is tricky, unless you follow the advice of the experienced movers at Branch Out Moving & Delivery.

Get Help from Piano Moving Experts

You can move a piano on your own. But piano moving experts like those of Branch Out Moving & Delivery certainly take the stress off of your shoulders. With the professionals’ affordable rates, it is easy to see how straining your back or bumping your beloved piano around is just not worth it. You paid a lot for your piano and should maintain that investment by enlisting qualified help.

Piano moving professionals maintain insurance for their work. They also receive the highest quality of training to enable them to provide an easy, damage-free and safe relocation of your instrument.

Ways that a piano moving professional helps you include:

Preventing injury
Avoiding damage to the piano
Preventing damage of your walls, flooring and doors
Saving you the cost of renting a truck
Freeing you of the stress
Taking liability for the piano off your shoulders during the move
Piano Moving without Professional Help

If you feel stubborn about moving your piano or just need to do it yourself, you can attempt it on your own. Consider the steps below, for your greatest chance for successful relocation of your instrument:

Take Measurements

Before moving anything, take measurements of the piano, the path you must move it along and your vehicle. For the path from one location to the truck and then into the new location, take good notes. The worst outcome is getting the upright, grand or baby grand stuck in a door frame or stairwell.

At each of your residences, the old and the new, measure hallways, stairwells and doorways. Pay close attention to tight corners and confining spaces.

Protect the Piano, Home Interior and Yourself

Protect yourself and the instrument for the move, as well as your wails, railings and floors. Things you need for this minimal protection include:

Work gloves with non-slip rubber
Heavy duty tape
Dense drop cloths, blankets or plastic wrap
Four wheel dolly
Dolly straps
Weightlifting straps
Van or truck
Moving straps

Many of these items are easy to find at a hardware, home improvement or moving supply store.

Clear a Pathway from the Piano to Your Truck

Remove wall hangings, rugs, potted plants, furniture and other obstructions from the piano’s current location to your van or truck. Also ensure children and pets are out of the way and otherwise supervised. When you get to your new residence or the storage facility housing your piano, clear a path there, too.

Get Friends to Help

You need at least four people to safely move your piano. Two to three of these people will lift and move it, while one acts as a guide throughout the process. For a grand or baby grand, having more is certainly helpful. Ensure these people can lift heavy weight and do not risk injuring themselves.

Pad and Wrap the Instrument

Before moving a grand piano or baby grand, you must disassemble them. But for remaining parts and an upright piano as a whole, pad and wrap them well. Use old towels under plastic wrap on its corners, to protect your walls and doors during the move. Remember to secure the lid over the keyboard and top using heavy duty tape.

Move Your Piano

After fully preparing yourself, walls, pathway, doors and the instrument, it is time to move it. Use the dolly and weightlifting straps throughout this process. For stairs, use a ramp and guide it carefully. Once on the truck or in the van, secure the piano tightly so it does not shift during the drive. Of course, after the move you need help reassembling and tuning it.

Let the Professionals Move Your Piano

Really, with professionals ready to safely and securely move your piano from one part of North Carolina to another, there is no reason to put yourself through the hassle of moving it yourself. Branch Out Moving & Delivery professionals take pride in taking piano moving and other stressful aspects of your relocation off of your shoulders. Even just across town or from one end of the Triangle Area to another, hiring experts is worth it. Call Branch Out Moving & Delivery today at 919-888-0090 for a quote and information.