What to Expect from an Affordable Moving Company

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Posted on May 01, 2020

Most household moves go smoothly. But a big factor in how smoothly your relocation process goes depends on who you hire to get you from one home to another. You certainly deserve good service with affordability. But what else should you expect from an affordable moving company?

Below are several indicators that you have found the right affordable moving company for your relocation.

A Professional & Affordable Mover Will  Most Certainly Provide a Price Estimate…

A quality moving company takes an inventory of all of your property and belongings. They estimate your goods’ bulk and weight using this documentation. As part of the process, your moving estimator should look into closets, cupboards, bookcases, garages, storage units and drawers. Before signing an agreement for services, ensure you are working with an affordable moving company based on this thorough estimate.

Professional & Affordable Moving Companies Do Not Require You to Make  a Large Deposit…

A reputable and affordable moving company will not demand a large deposit up front, before your move. Instead, they should receive payment upon delivery. If you pay them before the move, you lose all control over your personal property. You also lose control over the delivery time frame. To further protect you from fraud, use a credit card when you pay. Do not use cash.

Great Moving Companies Maintain Clarity About Their Company Name, Location, & also Their Licensing…

Fraudulent moving companies or those with many consumer complaints often change their names or work under a variety of names. When you start looking for an affordable moving company, seek one with a local address. Ensure they offer details about their licensing and insurance. When you call them, they should answer the phone professionally and using the company’s name. Always conduct a quick search online to look for customer complaints and reviews.

Reputable & Experienced Moving Companies Give You Affordable Moving Options for Packing Your Belongings Prior to Moving Day…

An affordable moving company generally allows you to make the choice between having them pack your household items, or you packing these items, yourself. Just be aware that if you pack your goods, the moving company is generally not liable for any breakage or damage. If they pack for you, ask about their time and labor costs in advance. Do not forget to include the cost of materials for this packing, too. Packing your items yourself can make the move less expensive in some cases.

Trustworthy, Professional Moving Companies Do Not Have Hidden Fees…

What looks at face value like an affordable moving company estimate can cost you much more in the long run.

Some of these hidden costs include:

  • Extra fees for stairs and elevators
  • Narrow street and smaller truck transfer surcharges
  • Time or labor-related costs
  • Storage fees
  • Other handling fees
  • Fuel and mileage surcharges

To avoid surprise costs, ask about hidden fees or add-ons when negotiating a moving contract. Ensure the price you will pay is the absolute, final cost.

IF Something Does Happen to get Damaged During Your Move, a Professional Moving Company Will Promptly Resolve Any & All Damage Claims…

Ask your moving company how quickly they resolve damage claims. You have nine months to report your belongings’ damages to the company and file an insurance claim. They have 30 days to answer that they received the claim. Then, they must either offer to pay or deny your claim within 120 days. When the move damages something important that you use every day, such as a major appliance, you will want a prompt resolution.

They explain the types of moving insurance and protection offered for your move.

Moving companies assume liability for your goods’ value during their possession and transport. But this liability comes in two forms. You need to know which you pay for, when you hire an affordable moving company. Otherwise, you risk paying for expensive damages on your own.

Full Replacement Value Protection

Full replacement value protection fully safeguards your personal items during the mover’s transportation. When one of your items is lost, damaged or destroyed as part of the move, the moving company must complete one of several resolutions. These potential resolutions include:

  • Repair the item to return it to the condition in which it was received
  • Pay you for the cost of these repairs
  • Replace the article with one of like quality and kind
  • Pay you for the cost of replacing the item

Of course, movers can limit their liability for loss or damages of these kinds. For example, if the item is of high value of over $100 per pound, they will not likely reimburse you at a rate comparable to actual replacement cost. Such expensive items include jewelry, china, furs, rugs, electronics and antiques. You should ask about liability limits for items of high value when agreeing to one of the liability plans.

Alternative Level of Liability

Under the zero-cost option for the movers’ liability, you can lower the cost of your affordable moving company. But this type of liability only provides very basic protection for loss, damage or destruction. Instead of liability of up to $100 per pound, your mover assumes liability per item at up to 60 cents per pound. If, for example, your 15 pound television that cost $1000 is destroyed, the moving company only reimburses you nine dollars. With heavy damages or losses during your move, choosing this low level of liability can make an affordable moving company a very expensive one.

Do Your Research When Selecting an Affordable Moving Company

When you pay for your move from one home to another, you deserve good customer service and safe, efficient and careful handling of your personal belongings. But being too quick to sign an agreement without reading the fine print can make an affordable move much more costly. Take the time to conduct a little research into your mover before making your decision.

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