How to Choose Professional Movers in Raleigh

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Posted on Jul 16, 2020

Professional Movers in Raleigh

One of the essential steps in organizing a move-in is to find the right company dedicated to offering services of professional movers in Raleigh to move your belongings. With these recommendations, you will choose the best movers in Raleigh, NC.

So are you ready to move?

The move is a step that you should not lose sight of when buying a house or an apartment, because once you sign the contract, you have to get everything ready to get to your new home. Hiring professional movers in Raleigh is essential to carry out this work. In this way, it is a guarantee that the service will ship your belongings correctly and with the security, you need. In addition, you avoid the effort of moving heavy objects yourself.

There is an excellent variety of professional movers in Raleigh, NC, that offer you different services: local, national, and even international removals. To choose the one that can provide you with the best service according to your needs, consider the following recommendations.

Ask for quotes

Several aspects need your attention, including the distance of the move, the size, and weight of the objects, the number of fragile items, and the floor where the objects will reach, the date of relocating among others.

To make sure you make the right decision, request 3 to 5 quotes from movers in NC and detail all the information required to determine the cost of the move.

Find out about the company

Finding businesses that offer you the “freight” service is simple; however, this does not guarantee that your belongings travel in the best conditions. Before hiring professional movers in Raleigh, confirm that the company, in addition to having experience in the area, comply with the regulations established by the following laws:

Federal Roads, Bridges, and Motor Transport Law.

General Roads of Communication Law.

Traffic Regulations on Federal Highways.

Federal Motor Carriage and Related Services Regulations.

Seek recommendations

The social networks of movers in NC are an excellent resource to obtain references. In these, you will find comments from clients who have already contracted their services. Similarly, you can ask in groups, family, and friends about their experiences with other services, such as shared removals.

Find out about insurance

Unfortunately, moving companies usually only cover botches that may occur at home and not the losses or damages that your belongings suffer on the road. Although the moving companies take out cargo insurance that protects them from loss and material damage during the transport of merchandise, the coverage for the client of these is minimal. Therefore, you must purchase insurance that protects your assets outside your home.

Note: there are comprehensive insurances that protect your assets and belongings regardless of their location.


Read the contract

Before signing professional movers in Raleigh, read each clause of the agreement carefully and make sure you agree with each one. Some companies usually give you a moving fee and later increase it without clarifying the reasons, so you should check in the contract in which cases this clause applies and what the extra amount is. Make sure you get a copy on the day of the move in case of problems.

Most common problems to avoid when hiring professional movers in Raleigh, NC:

These are some of the most common problems that usually occur, be careful not to fall into them:

The contract and the quote do not specify what the moving service includes.

The company does not have registration.

There is no clause specifying the extra cost services.

The company does not provide information on the insurance and guarantees of the service.

There is no written contract or quote.

Prices are below other companies.

There has been no previous visit to the house to establish the final budget.

Keep in mind that moving should preferably start six weeks before the selected date. Therefore, you will have enough time to calmly investigate and make the best decision for this significant change in your life.

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