A Durham Moving Company’s Advice for Moving During Coronavirus

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Posted on Sep 05, 2020

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, life must go on as “normal” in many ways. For example, people relocating for work and after selling a house have no choice but to break quarantine. Even after most covid-19 fears settle, the virus and others like it will still exist. So, how do you safely move during this pandemic? An experienced and trusted Durham moving company weighs in on relocating during this time of coronavirus, below.

Moving During Coronavirus

Covid-19 is a novel coronavirus. It is only one in a series of these illnesses that, to date, had never before affected America so deeply. In a matter of days of learning that the virus was in the U.S., our lives changed forever. You can pretty much expect that this will happen again in years to come, perhaps with a covid-20 or 21. Only time will tell.

Life must go on. This means that even during times when people who travel from region to region must quarantine, you possibly have to relocate. Because of great risk to yourself and your loved ones, it is important to pay attention to how you move.

As for the vast majority of Americans, moving on your own is not a great idea right now. You need to focus on staying at home as much as possible, not running around to handle all of the small details of truck rental, buying packing materials and loading your belongings. A Durham moving company handles all of these details for you, while you stay safe at home.

Packing Your Household

According to the CDC and other reputable information resources, the coronavirus does not live long on porous surfaces. Packing boxes made of cardboard are less likely to transmit the disease, than plastic crates or sealed plastic containers. In addition, we know that the virus dies after three days, wherever it lives.

If you pack your own boxes before your Durham moving company arrives to load and unload them, it is best to let them sit for three days before moving and three days after. Or, simply let the moving crew pack and unpack your belongings for you. They do this while wearing masks and gloves, bringing their own supplies and taking their tools with them as they go. This exposes you to less danger and helps them stay healthy, too.

Consider protecting as many belongings in particular, such as furniture, using cellophane wrap available through your Durham moving company. By wrapping your furniture and small appliances in plastic before your move, you further protect these items from exposure and germs. When you arrive at your new place, your Durham moving company can unwrap them for you and dispose of the plastic shield.

When the movers arrive and start working at your old home and your new one, use social distancing. Stay at least six feet from the crew as they work. Also wear a mask and gloves, if you must be on-site, at all. When you use a licensed and trusted Durham moving company, you can leave before they even arrive and let them do their work alone. At your new home, you can even let them in your place and leave the property while they unpack your belongings.

Speaking of unpacking, when you get to your new home and have your items left in boxes or unpacked for you, do not touch these items for at least three days. Give any possible traces of coronavirus time to die. If you must use some of your belongings, use bleach wipes or other germ-killing cleaner to first thoroughly wipe its surfaces down.

Tips for Moving with Your Loved Ones

When you move your whole family, you have to take them out into public and from one home to another. This potentially exposes everyone to coronavirus. During this transition, follow the tips below:

  • Keep everyone together and away from public spaces
  • Plan your travel route to avoid dense populations
  • Pack your own food and snacks
  • Wear masks whenever in public
  • For hotels, stay in a national chain with clear sanitation measures

Before the Durham Moving Company Arrives at Your New Home

Before the Durham moving company arrives at your new home, thoroughly clean your place using germ-killing solutions. You can trust the property is safer if you know it has been vacant and free of people coming and going for at least three days. If you can convince all other parties to stay clear of the property for a week before you arrive, do that.

Soap and water is proven by the New York Times and their reliable scientific resources to kill the coronavirus. If you do not have bleach wipes and other more costly supplies, you can rest easy that you only need a bucket, some soapy water and rags to do a great job. Use this soapy water on all hard surfaces and consider hiring a trusted professional carpet cleaner for your floors. Also take down window treatments and clean those in soapy water, such as washing your curtains using laundry soap.

You Can Stay Safe with the Help of a Professional Durham Moving Company

Do not fear your upcoming move during this pandemic. Simply follow the above tips and be smart about your contact with other people. Talk to your Durham moving company, to find out how they are protecting customers during this unusual time. They want to stay safe, too. So together, you can maintain the best practices of your move during coronavirus.

Branch Out Moving and Delivery in Raleigh provides a full array of services for local, long-distance, residential, and commercial moves even during this pandemic. We do so while observing all of the measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and our industry regulators. We will do our part to keep you and your family safe, still providing all of the services you need to seamlessly relocate from one home to another. When you need a Durham moving company, call us at 919-888-0090.