5 Hacks to Make Relocating in NC Easier

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Posted on Feb 05, 2021

relocating in North Carolina 5 Hacks to Make Relocating in NC Easier

Are you about to go through a local or in-state move in North Carolina? Moving from the Triangle Area to somewhere new in the state is certainly exciting. Of course, there is some stress associated with even a short-distance change. But there are some ways to make relocating in North Carolina easier on your nerves, schedule, and budget. We explore those five hacks, below.

1. Prepare to spend some time and effort on your move.

Relocating in NC is more of a move than you may think. It is far better to acknowledge the work involved and prepare for it, than to underestimate its requirements and become overwhelmed. Remember, your upcoming in-state move is not just about packing and unpacking. It also involves logistics for getting your belongings from one residence to the next. If your new home is not ready for move-in, you may face having to store some of your belongings for a short period of time, too.

2. Hire an in-state moving company.

Doing your move yourself is sometimes cheaper. But you cannot guarantee that will be the case, when it comes to all of the work and logistics you face. When you hire an in-state moving company that serves people relocating in North Carolina, you save yourself a lot of time, energy and possibly even money. Your full-service moving company makes your move turn-key. They can do the packing, unpacking and heavy lifting for you.

3. Keep a checklist.

Regardless of how long or short your upcoming move is, you still have many tasks ahead of you. These include turning utilities off and on, forwarding your mail, notifying creditors and opening new accounts. If you have children, you also have to enroll them in daycare or schools. Pets require licensing in your new community, too. These are only some of the tasks you face when relocating in North Carolina, so keep a checklist to ensure you get things done.

4. Plan where your belongings will go in your new place.

When you find your new home, plan where you will place your belongings on moving day. This makes it easier to direct the movers as they carry in big items like furnishings and heavy boxes. You can also use online planning tools like the RoomStyler 3D planner, if you wish to get really organized. Overall, your goal for relocating in North Carolina should be to make it as easy as possible. The less you have to move furniture around once you get to your new place, the better.

5. Get to know your new local area before the move.

When you are relocating in North Carolina, it helps to know your new local area before your move. You should spend a day or two finding your new grocery store, bank, hospital, children’s schools and other important places. If you have a dog, consider finding them a vet and a park where they can let off steam, too. Being familiar and comfortable before arrival helps everyone enjoy the new community more.

Get Help from the In-State Moving Pros When Relocating in North Carolina

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