Avoid a Moving Nightmare with a Reputable North Carolina Moving Company

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Posted on Jun 17, 2021

Avoid a Moving Nightmare with a Reputable North Carolina Moving Company

As you prepare for your local or long-distance move, have you considered the importance of working with a reputable North Carolina moving company? In fact, doing so can keep you from experiencing a real moving nightmare.

A North Carolina Moving Nightmare

One retired couple recently learned of the importance of hiring a reputable North Carolina moving company for their relocation to New York. Sadly, they first experienced multiple “worst case scenarios” with the movers they hired. In fact, the couples’ attorney said the fraudulent moving company extorted money, refused to turn over the family heirlooms and broke expensive belongings.

This matter is now a North Carolina class action lawsuit with more than 20 other former customers of the movers.

After reaching the New York destination with the couples’ belongings, the moving company demanded $6,000 beyond the originally contracted fee. The amount was demanded in cash before they would turn over the retirees’ property.

The movers also threatened to put all of the family heirlooms up for auction. They cursed at the older couple during phone calls and voicemails, too.

When a judge ordered the movers to turn over the couples’ belongings, even more trouble occurred. The couple found their property on a parked moving truck with a cut lock. The movers smashed the couple’s heirloom antique grandfather clock. The victims also found their sofa stained and other furniture broken.

All of these issues led to the class action lawsuit filing. An attorney for the couple and others like them estimates there are thousands of people this moving company defrauded in North Carolina and across the country in the past.

Signs They Were Not a Reputable North Carolina Moving Company

Although the couple and other customers are certainly not at fault in this fraudulent activity, there were some signs that the movers were not part of a reputable North Carolina moving company. These are important signs to look for when you hire your local or cross-country moving company, too. They are definitely red flags indicating the potential for a moving nightmare.

Signs that the company was NOT a reputable North Carolina moving company included:

  • Operating under multiple company names
  • Latest used name only operating for less than a year
  • Customers filed 18 complaints through the Better Business Bureau in the past year
  • Better Business Bureau provided them with an “F” rating
  • The company used a shipping and mailing store as their “corporate” address
  • Their main phone number had a Florida area code

Protect Yourself from Bad Movers

According to North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein, there are some things to look for when you want to hire a reputable North Carolina moving company. You also need to take some extra steps before signing an agreement. Together, these measures can help you verify your prospective moving company’s reputation and ensure you avoid a moving nightmare.

Ways to confirm your prospective mover’s reputation and quality include:

  • Obtain and compare multiple written estimates from moving companies
  • Ask for the mover’s Motor Carrier number or the NC Utilities Commission Certificate number
  • Confirm the movers’ registration and insurance
  • Look online and through the BBB for customer complaints

Before signing an agreement, follow the BBB’s recommendation to first ensure the mover’s rate is guaranteed. Also ensure the contract states the guaranteed amount.

Before the movers pack or load your belongings onto the truck, also ensure they itemize everything to ensure the quoted price will remain the same. This inventory is also important for ensuring you receive everything they took under the control during the relocation.

After contracting with your chosen reputable North Carolina moving company, get a bill of lading that specifies their terms and conditions. The law requires they provide this documentation.

You can find more recommendations for hiring a reputable North Carolina moving company on the Attorney General’s website. For your next local move or even long-distance move, consider hiring Branch Out Moving & Delivery to avoid moving nightmares like the one above.

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