Local Move vs Distance Move What You Should Know

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Posted on Dec 09, 2021

How is a local move different from a long-distance move?

Most moves involve the same chores of packing your belongings, loading boxes and furniture into a truck, taking the belongings to your new home, unloading the truck and unpacking everything. Still, local moves are different from long-distance moves. Each of these types of moves involve different needs and services.

What is a local move?

A local move is a relocation within your city, metro area or a specific region defined by a moving company. For example, Branch Out Moving & Delivery of Raleigh, NC defines the local area as multiple counties around Raleigh-Durham and the Triangle Area. These intrastate moves do not cross state lines and are usually within 50 to 70 miles from the moving company’s hub. Local moves usually only take several hours or a day.

What is a long-distance move?

A long-distance move goes beyond the local area to counties farther away. Or, it leaves the state entirely, going to any of the other states in the country as part of an interstate move. These types of moves require specialized knowledge and experience because your movers must safeguard your belongings over many miles. They must also know the legal issues of crossing state lines. Their trucks, drivers and laborers must have insurance coverage for multiple places.

Unlike local moves, long-distance moves take multiple days. How long the trip is, precisely, depends on the distance and other factors like whether your belongings must change trucks or go into temporary storage. If you own cars, a boat, motorcycle or other vehicles, your long-distance movers can transport these to your new home, too.

How are local moves priced?

Your local move quote is much more straightforward than pricing for a long-distance move. Locally, moving is usually calculated according to how many hours it will take, how many laborers are needed and other services required. For example, your local move will cost more if you need large furniture transported, such as a piano. If you need packing services, packing materials or special equipment, those will cost more, too.

How are long-distance moves priced?

Long-distance moves have different pricing structures. They are based on multiple factors like:

How much stuff you are moving
Number of movers required
Truck size
Gas needed to finish the job
Large item moving costs, such as for a piano, pool table or car
Whether you need storage-in-transit
Required insurance and liability coverage

As with local moves, the cost also increases if you need packing and unpacking services, packing materials, or other special services.

Other Considerations of Local Moves and Long-Distance Moves

Other factors affecting the cost of your local move or long-distance move include “supply and demand.” During peak moving season, usually spring to late summer, demand for moving services increases and so do rates.

Local move rates are often different according to the day you choose to move. You will find that early in the month is more popular for moving than other times of the month. This means you may pay more for moving early in the month to suit your lease schedule. If you can have your new and old leases prorated to move end-of-month, you may receive a lower price quote for your local move. The same is true for in-demand and costlier weekends, versus more available and less expensive weekday moves.

Work with a Reputable Moving Company

By working with a reputable moving company, you can rest easy in knowing you are getting the best possible local move or long-distance move rate. You will also have greater peace of mind, whether they are taking your belongings just down the street or through multiple states. In the Raleigh area, no moving company is more trusted than Branch Out Moving & Delivery. Check out our excellent reviews from past customers and call us to discuss your move today at 919-888-0090.