Moving Tips: Before the Move

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Posted on Aug 06, 2019

Moving Tips

Moving is not a simple job, even when moving from a small home or apartment. Moving requires time, planning, tools, and money and oftentimes leaves those in the relocation process stressed and overwhelmed.

Relocating to a new home should be a day of celebration, a day of welcoming new traditions and memories into your world, not a day of anxiety and tears. While we cannot help you with all of those items, we can help you better plan for your upcoming move. Use the moving tips below to secure a smooth, stress-free moving day.

Moving Tip #1: Declutter the House

Why take with you trash, items that you no longer need, things that are broken and outdated, etc. when it simply causes you more time and money? Declutter the house now so this isn’t a concern. Sort through clothing, the closets, and even the kitchen cabinets as you pack to remove any items that do not make the cut. Trash any items that are no longer in good condition. Everything else can be given to friends or donated to a local charity.

Moving Tip #2: Find a Good Moving Company

A local mover has the manpower, transportation, time, and the tools to help relocate your home. Choose a long-distance moving company if relocating more than 100 miles or to another state. Many moving companies offer service, although choosing the first name that you encounter is a bad idea. Research the options, since it’s easy to find a good company once you do your homework.

Choose movers that offer timely, professional service at an affordable rate. The company should also have a license and insurance, as well as a good reputation from prior customers. Friends, social media associates, coworker, and online reviews can help distinguish the best moving company in town.

Moving Tip #3: Pack a Moving Day Survival Bag

A moving day survival bag can really make a difference in your big day. This survival bag contains items that you’ll need while relocating, such as bottled water, an extra battery for your phone, coloring books and crayons for the ids, snacks, books, etc. and is kept in the moving truck or car with you so it’s within arm’s reach when needed. A secondary bag with treats and toys for pets is great for anyone moving with pets. And, finally, make an essentials bag or box for your new home.

After a long day loading and unloading a truck and transporting these items to the new home, unpacking boxes is the last thing that you’ll be inclined to do. When you have an essentials box with soap, toothpaste, and toothbrushes, etc. you can relax and better acquaint yourself with the new home.

Moving is always a big job, but there’s no reason that it must also be stressful and overwhelming. Every move has the potential to be an amazing day if you choose to make it that way.

It’s not as difficult to accomplish as you might’ve assumed. Refer to this helpful information about moving tips to help as you prepare to move to your new home to prevent a frustration-free moving day.