What Records Require A Change Of Address After A Move?

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Posted on Sep 06, 2019

In order to make your move go as smoothly as possible, you’ve got a notebook for lists. You’ve listed your timeline, what box goes in what room and what it contains, and who needs an address change. Wait, let’s examine that one in-depth.


You’re going to need money before, during, and after the move. Your financial institution will need to know your location. Sometimes if a bank doesn’t recognize your location, they won’t advance your funds. They’re the first to need a change of address.

Funds owed to you from investments might not be accessible if they don’t know your address.


If you need a quick loan during the move, they’ll need both your new and old address. If they have offices in both cities, they’ll need to know from which you will be drawing funds.


If you’re covered by homeowners or renter’s insurance, they’ll require a change of address in order to update coverage. If anything untoward happens, and you didn’t give them the new information, you might not be covered.

Car insurance follows you without the restrictions of homeowners insurance. If you have your home, auto, and life or health insurance bundled, then one change of address will do it.

Health insurance sometimes follows you like car insurance. If it’s an emergency, your health insurance will pay for it. However, to be safe, change your address with your health and dental insurance company.

Social Security

Many recipients use direct deposit, but some don’t. Recipients of disability payments or Social Security payments should alert them where to send any information.


The DMV frowns upon those who don’t change their address with them. This is especially true of interstate moves. It can be completed online.

If you’re self-employed and pay your taxes every quarter, then the IRS will want to know your whereabouts.

Obviously, you’ll change your address with the USPS. This, too, can be completed online for a small fee.


You’ll probably get copies of your medical and dental records to take with you to the new city. However, should any inquiries come to your doctor, he’ll need to know your new address, so he can forward such inquiries to you or your new doctor.

If you have any legal work going on, your attorney will need your new address to which to send you updates or requirements.

Many people move to a new city or state for their employer. Human Resources will need your new address for notifications or other information.

Taking your furry buddy with you? You’ll need her records from the vet. If she’s chipped, then you can update her address online with the microchip company.


Be sure to call the utilities. They need to know the move date and that the utilities be turned on on that date. Sometimes things get messed up, though, and we move in in the dark. Make sure you give yourself (and them) enough time to get it right.

While you’re sweating the utilities being turned on, don’t forget the cable, phone, and Internet. You can’t call the utility companies to complain without a phone. Nor can you keep the kids occupied with Netflix while you unpack the necessary boxes for your first day in your new home.


Do Amazon, eBay, and other online shopping services like those food box deliveries know where to send your purchases? Since you need the food, it would be a good idea to update your address.