Moving with Your Pet

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Posted on Jan 07, 2020

Whether you are moving across North Carolina or just from one Raleigh neighborhood to another, Branch Out Moving and Delivery helps your whole family feel less stressed throughout the relocation process. Your family includes your pets, too. The changes that a move brings often affect domesticated animals, most of all.

To ensure your pet’s best transition to the new living space, consider some tips for before your move and as part of the actual relocation. By helping your animals feel at ease, your move proves less stressful for everyone involved.

Pet Preparation Tips for Before Moving Day

To prepare for moving day, consider some recommendations of the American Humane Society. Also talk to your veterinarian well in advance, to get their input and advice specific to your pet’s needs. If you have an anxious pet, this personalized advice is particularly important before relocation.

Tips to consider before your big day include:
  • Ensure your pet’s collar fits and has current ID tags
  • Consider microchipping with your new address
  • Renew prescribed medications
  • Obtain copies of your pet’s vet records
  • Get medication for car sickness or other special needs
  • Identify pet-friendly hotels along your route
  • While the packing company works in your home, secure your pet in their crate or a closed room
  • Ensure your pet carrier is the right size, well ventilated and secure

Remember that the sights and sounds of moving day prove particularly stressful for animals. Dogs and cats tend to run away when frightened or feeling insecure. For this reason, you should always have your dog on a leash or in a crate. Keep your cat crated, too.

Taking Care of Your Pet During Your Relocation

After visiting with your vet and taking the above steps to prepare your pet for moving day, the big day eventually arrives. As your professional movers fill their truck with your household goods, remember to set aside enough pet food, toys and grooming tools to keep your animals comfortable for several days.

More than anything, remember that packing activity can scare even the most relaxed and social pets. For this reason, keep them away from the activity and provide them with a quiet, safe space where they have familiar comforts, toys, water and food.

Other tips include:
  • Check on your pet regularly
  • Feed and walk them according to their regular schedule
  • Transport your pets in your own vehicle
  • Keep your pet leashed or caged until you reach your new home
  • Set up your new home and unpack everything you can before bringing your pet
  • Update tags or microchips
  • Take them to the vet for a checkup

Believe it or not, fish suffer stress during changes like a household move. For many fish, this type of stress proves fatal. To make the transition easier, transport them in bags of their old tank water. If you are relocating long-distance, consider giving your fish to a caring friend near your old home, instead of traumatizing them.

The Right Moving Company Helps You Achieve a Stress-Free Move

Having the right moving company handling your packing, relocation and unpacking helps you enjoy a seamless transition from one home to the next. Branch Out Moving and Delivery works hard to take the stress out of relocation, for you and all of the members of your household. Whether you are transitioning from floor to floor, a Raleigh city apartment to a country house or one North Carolina city to another, you can rely on Branch Out Moving and Delivery. Call us today at 919-888-0090 to schedule your move.