Real Risks of Moving Yourself

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Posted on Mar 29, 2020

Moving Yourself: The Real Risks

Moving sets off many different emotions, whether you are relocating for a job, getting into your first house in the Triangle Area or just changing neighborhoods across Raleigh. The mix of feelings includes excitement, joy, nervousness and maybe even fear. Moving also comes with a long to-do list, those needs you would rather just forget about. Many people try handling their North Carolina move on their own, instead of hiring an inexpensive professional mover. But did you know that moving yourself comes with many risks?

Risk One: More Expensive

Maybe you consider a DIY move to cut costs. But did you know that using an inexpensive moving company is actually cheaper than going it alone? The high cost of fuel, vehicle rental, potential damage to your belongings and required packing materials really begins to adds up.

For packing materials alone, your expenses will include:

  • Boxes
  • Wrapping paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tape

If you have furniture to move, you also need to convince a friend to help you with the heavy lifting. You likely also need to rent a dolly to move these items in and out of the truck.

Risk Two: Lost Personal Time

Moving yourself requires an investment of your time. You likely need to take some time off of work to get things done. Then, after you have managed to pack everything over the course of several days, weeks or even months, you have easily lost about 60 hours. Packing aside, you need to invest even more time into loading the truck or van, unloading it and transporting your household goods between your two locations.

Risk Three: Cost of Inexperience

Inexperience can cost you a lot of money when moving yourself. This is where hiring an inexpensive moving company really pays off. The professionals know how to properly move and organize your items in the truck. They rarely, if ever, cause any damage or break anything. But when you move yourself or get friends to help you, you risk damaging your walls, floors, furniture and personal items you treasure. Inexperience can even cause the move to injure you or someone else.

Risk Four: Poor Security

Moving yourself means leaving a truck full of your belongings open on the street, while you go back and forth into your unlocked home. When you are inside your house or apartment, you leave the truck unattended. When you are at the truck, you leave your home unattended. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone to steal from you. An inexpensive moving company is licensed and insured, to cover any loss you may incur.

Risk Five: Injury

Professional movers receive a lot of training and experience. They know how to avoid injury as they lift heavy items and carry boxes. You do not have this training or background. So it is easy to pull a muscle, sprain a wrist or ankle, or hurt your back. Knees, the lower back, hands, feet and shoulders frequently suffer injuries for people moving themselves.

Hire an Inexpensive Moving Company Instead

Avoid putting yourself and your household belongings at risk by moving yourself. Hire an inexpensive moving company that provides a professional team of movers who get the job done quickly and safely.

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