Moving Tips for Wall and Floor Protection

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Posted on Oct 05, 2020

Moving Tips – Moving from one North Carolina home to the next is stressful enough. Add to this stress your need to find the best Raleigh moving company. Then, during your move, you need to protect your floors and walls, not to mention your household belongings. How can you best handle all of these details?

Moving TipsBelow, we look at some moving tips for wall and floor protection. These tips come from the experts of Raleigh moving company Branch Out Moving & Delivery.

Importance of Finding the Right Raleigh Moving Company

You should never underestimate the importance of finding the right Raleigh moving company. Professional movers know how to avoid causing any damage to your property. In addition, a licensed moving company carries liability insurance to cover the costs of any damage that occurs during the course of their work.

Insurance coverage aside, a professional Raleigh moving company understands proper moving techniques. They also have the training and experience to adequately protect your floors and walls during a move. You will not see this level of professionalism in less experienced crews simply offering truck rental and labor. A less experienced crew may not even take responsibility for damage when they cause it.

Protect Your Floors from Damage or Dirt on Moving Day

Before hiring your moving company, ask whether they protect your floors on moving day. Some do, whereas others need you to provide this protection yourself. For many moving companies, floor protection inclusion comes down to the level of services in your contract. If you only need labor for your relocation, the responsibility to protect your floors likely falls on you.

Some moving tips for floor protection include:

Put Out a Welcome Mat. Placing a welcome mat at your front door gives your moving crew a place to dust off their shoes. This limits the small debris and dirt they can track into your home. It also gives them a built-in reminder to wipe their feet or put shoe coverings on before walking into your property.

Place a Second Mat Inside the Door.

Also, place a second welcome mat inside your front door. This gives the movers a second place to remove debris from their shoes. Ensure the mat has a slip-proof backing to prevent slips and falls if you have hard floors.

Apply Floor Runners to Wood Floors

If you have wood floors, protect these surfaces in high traffic areas using floor runners. You can find quality runners specifically designed for moving in online stores or at a packing supply company. Your Raleigh moving company likely offers these, too. Moving day floor runners come in rolls and have a lightly adhesive backing to stay in place underfoot.

Apply Carpet Masking. For protection of your carpeted floors, use carpet masking. This material works much like stretch wrap and typically comes in 200 foot long rolls with a width of 24 inches. The wrap self-sticks to your carpet and stays securely in place during the move.

Ask the Movers to Wear Shoe Booties. When making arrangements with your Raleigh moving company, ask whether they provide their own shoe booties. Most professional movers take this extra step to protect your floors. These booties capture dirt and debris on shoes to prevent damage to your floors. They also keep water and dirt from transferring from outside to the inside of your home.

Other options for moving day damage protection include plywood sheets for floors on which your movers must use large dollies to move heavy furnishings, such as a piano. You can also invest in some furniture gliders, small discs you can place under the feet or legs of your furnishings. These gliders help you easily move pieces of furniture about a room on your own, for that time after the movers leave when you are rearranging furniture.

Protecting Your Walls with a Raleigh Moving Company

When you hire your Raleigh moving company, ask them about how they protect your walls on moving day. The movers should wear proper clothing for their work, with this clothing not having large metal zippers, for example. Movers should also not wear loose chains or large rings that can bump and ding furnishings and your walls. The pros also typically wrap furnishings in plastic shrink wrap, padding or drop cloths to protect your walls.

If you feel particularly concerned about your walls in high-traffic areas, consider covering them with cardboard or Masonite. You can also use fabric drop cloths or paper furniture pads, such as along your stair walls and beneath banisters where they easily hang. Some other walls often damaged during a move include around the bed frame and heavy furnishings like armoires. Other padding options are bubble wrap, plywood sheets and brown paper grocery bags.

Contact the Raleigh Moving Company Pros

For full support on moving day and to ensure you experience the least possible amount of damage during this transition, work with Raleigh moving company professionals. The pros happily provide moving tips for wall and floor protection during your move. Call Branch Out Moving and Delivery in Raleigh today at 919-888-0090 for service throughout the Triangle Area and the rest of North Carolina.