Moving Day Mistakes to Avoid

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Posted on Jan 05, 2021

No one wants to make moving day mistakes. This big day is hectic enough without throwing wrenches into the mix. Unfortunately, many people make their moving day rougher than they have to, particularly by not planning ahead. Planning is the most important aspect of any move. It can make the difference between a smooth day of transition from one home to the next or a moving day nightmare that causes more expense, broken belongings, injury or a variety of other problems.

moving day mistakes By planning and knowing what to expect, you can have a really smooth moving day. Below, we look at some of the most common moving day mistakes. These are some errors that the pros at Branch Out Moving and Delivery see too often and would like to help you avoid.

Expecting too much of yourself.

Do not expect yourself to do all of the heavy lifting, packing, cleaning and transporting of your household. You also need to inventory and organize your move. Oh, and there are utilities to start or stop, mailing addresses to change and a long list of other duties. A move is too much for one person or even a family. Ask for help.

The experts at Branch Out Moving and Delivery handle the heavy lifting for you and transportation, so you can focus on other details. We even provide packing and unpacking services to make your move seamless from end to end. Otherwise, you face one of your biggest moving day mistakes, of wearing yourself out and possibly even suffering injuries.

Waiting until a week (or less) before your move to start packing.

In the time ticking down before your move, you are making one of your biggest moving day mistakes if you have not planned ahead. You should start preparing for your move early, as in weeks ahead of time.

Your first step should be to arrange for North Carolina moving service by Branch Out Moving & Delivery. You can also have the professionals do all of your packing for you, if you want to knock this chore off your list. Branch Out Moving & Delivery provides all of the packing materials, boxes and muscle power to get your packing done on the day of your move. If you want help unpacking at your new home, we can do this and even take away all of the leftover packing materials.

Not planning ahead for your children and pets.

Children and pets should not be left underfoot during your move. To avoid this common moving day mistake, either schedule the move to start when kids are in school or arrange for them to go to grandma’s house. Another safe option is to have an on-site babysitter who can keep them occupied in the backyard or elsewhere in your home. Pets should stay in their pens, a garage or a kennel. Safety first!

Not Carefully Reading the Moving Contract Before Signing

When you sign a moving agreement, you need to first review this document carefully. It should outline all of your costs clearly. It should also provide details about the mover’s insurance and coverage you may need to protect your household items.

Moving Day Mistakes Are Easy to Avoid

Overall, planning is the one way to avoid almost all moving day mistakes. Plan ahead, keep a list of your to-do items and hire a trusted and insured North Carolina moving company for your upcoming relocation. Branch Out Moving & Delivery looks forward to helping you enjoy a smooth transition from one home to the next. Call us today at 919-888-0090 for a free quote and scheduling.