Using a Pet Shipping Service During Your Long-Distance Move

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Posted on Sep 17, 2021

Branch Out Moving & Delivery of Raleigh, NC provides long-distance moves for many local families each year. Although, like most moving companies, we do not ship or move pets, there are services available to help you get your pet to your new home. Below, we explore some of these pet shipping services and provide some insights into what they do.

What Pet Shipping Services Do

Long-distance moves are stressful, particularly when you have dogs, cats, fish, reptiles or birds that need to travel to your new home. Professional pet shipping services handle your pet’s travel needs and also provide help with vaccinations, records and other key aspects of relocation. This makes your moving process less stressful and can also keep your pet more comfortable for their journey.

Pet shipping services transport pets by air, ground shuttles or a combination of these methods. These service providers can focus on your pet alone for a premium. Or, you can allow your pet to safely travel with multiple animals at a reduced cost. All of the travel includes USDA-approved carriers or kennels to ensure your dog, cat or other animal stays safe and secure. They are also provided with regular breaks for exercise, food, medications and water.

When you are moving across the country, you can focus on your long-distance move while your pet shipping service secures your pet’s interstate paperwork, such as a USDA-approved health certificate and vaccinations record. When you are moving out of the country, your pet service coordinates quarantines, customs escorts, international paperwork and flight bookings as needed.

Do I need a pet shipping service for my long-distance move?

Most people decide to move their pet on their own. This is fine if you plan on driving your vehicle from your old home to your new one. You can even have your pet fly on an airline with you, if you fly instead. But securing the paperwork to do so and keeping up with your pet can be more than you can handle, especially if you have small children. In these cases, it can be smarter to use a pet shipping service.

Other reasons to use a pet shipping service include long-distance moves that involve a long drive. It is time-consuming and difficult to find hotels that will accept your pet. You also have to stop frequently for them to take breaks. Many pets get very stressed during long trips and can feel confused by your stress level, too. If your dog or cat accidentally gets out of your vehicle and runs off, then what?

What to Look For In Your Pet Shipping Service

If you want to hire a pet shipping service, you can expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,000 per pet. But you should never just hand over your furry friend and payment, expecting everything to work out on its own. Instead, you should do some research first.

Things to look for in a pet shipper include:

  • USDA certification
  • Quality online reviews
  • Open and available communication

It is also important to ensure you use a reputable brand that is not advertised on Craigslist or other potentially fraudulent marketplaces. Never pay your shipper using services like Western Union, Moneygram, WalMart to WalMart, PayPal or Venmo. This is a red flag that you will never receive the services you pay for and they could even keep your pet, if the transaction even gets that far.

Otherwise, using a reputable pet shipping service for your long-distance move takes the hassle out of moving. It is easiest when you get a price quote and discuss the process with the shipper at least a month in advance. After booking, you will gain your pet’s own relocation coordinator. Of course, you will have to provide copies of your animal’s health certificate, vaccination record and other information.

Long-Distance Moves Made Easier

Working with a reputable moving service is just like working with a pet shipping service, in that the company’s offerings are designed to make your relocation easier. If you have an upcoming long-distance move, you can trust the experienced movers of Branch Out Moving & Delivery in Raleigh, NC. We provide residential, commercial, local and long-distance moves as we have for over 20 years. Check out our stellar customer reviews and call Branch Out Moving & Delivery for scheduling at 919-888-0090 today.