Organizing Your Garage After Moving

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Posted on Oct 19, 2021

If you have recently moved or are about to, one of your biggest projects is setting up your new garage. In fact, organizing your garage after moving can make a big difference in your everyday lifestyle at home. You want to get the most out of this square footage, instead of bumping into junk or feeling overcome by boxes. Below, we have some tips for setting up this space right from the start.

Start with a Clean Slate

After moving is the best time for organizing your garage. Otherwise, you may face years of piled up junk that can overwhelm you. Either way, you should park your car elsewhere and empty the space. If you have a lot of belongings to sort through, this could take several days. Also, if you need somewhere to temporarily store your belongings, you can rent a portable storage container for your driveway.

Group Into Categories

Hopefully you were able to clear out unneeded junk before your move. But if not, you need to purge after moving. Establish three categories for your belongings on your driveway or other staging area. These include garbage, recycling and donations. Although it is hard to let go of personal items, there is no point in keeping things you do not use.

Besides these three primary categories, you can group items into other piles. For example, you may have tools, gardening supplies, automotive needs and holiday decorations. It is important to set up categories that meet your individual storage needs. The goal is to make it easier to set up and use the space.

Select Storage Containers

For organizing your garage after moving and setting up a storage system, you only need about three sizes of containers. You can use cardboard boxes leftover from your move. Or, buy clear plastic tubs from your local big box, home goods or hardware store. Choose small containers for heavy items, medium for grouped items and large boxes for things like holiday decorations. It is important to ensure the sizes you use fit your shelving, cabinets or other storage space.

Set Up Shelving and Pegboards

Pegboard is a very inexpensive solution for organizing your garage after moving. Or you can invest more for shelving or cabinetry. Work within your budget to select organizational components that will serve the purposes of storing your items neatly and making them easily accessible.

With pegboard, you can use a wide variety of accessories to keep your belongings and supplies within easy reach. These systems include hooks, shelves and bins. Another option that goes beyond basic shelving is a custom cabinetry solution installed by professionals.

Remember Ease of Access

When organizing your garage after moving, it is important to consider what you use most often. Place those items where they are most accessible between your waist to eye level. Store seasonal items higher, such as around the perimeter of the garage ceiling. Avoid storing heavy items too high because these can fall and damage your car or hurt someone. Also pay attention when storing chemicals or flammable items, ensuring they are in well ventilated spaces and secured.

Start Fresh after Moving

The best thing about organizing after moving is that you start fresh in an empty garage. You can make smart decisions to categorize your belongings and make your garage more functional.

Of course, for the moving process, you can rely on professionals to pack your garage, storage unit and the rest of your home. This gives you more energy to focus on setting up your space as you really want it after moving. For your local or long-distance move from Apex, Cary, Raleigh, Durham or elsewhere in the Triangle Area of North Carolina, call the moving pros at Branch Out Moving & Delivery at 919-888-0090.