10 Home Improvements to Finish Before Move-In

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Posted on Nov 17, 2021

10 Home Improvements to Finish before Move-In


When you find a new home to move into, everything is not always exactly as you want it. This is why many homeowners create a list of things they would like to change, whether that list lives in their minds or on paper. But many home improvements are better finished before move-in. Getting the job done before your movers arrive and unload the truck can actually save you a lot of time, money and frustration. Below are ten such jobs best finished before move-in.

1. Flooring

Nothing shows a home’s age like flooring. If you are moving into a place with odd smells emanating from the carpet or damaged vinyl, tile, hardwood or other floor coverings, this is something you should fix before move-in. You can save so much time and money when the flooring company does not have to move all of your belongings out of the way. They will get the work done much quicker, too.

2. Painting

It is also easier to paint your home before move-in, when there are no furnishings or other belongings to cover, move or protect. Because about two-thirds of painting cost is wrapped up in labor, you can also save money when there is no furniture for the painters to move around. Besides, having the paint colors you want already on the walls can make your new place feel more like your own. Everything will look fresh and neat upon move-in and you won’t have to live in the paint fumes.

3. Popcorn Ceilings

One of the messiest home improvement jobs is removal of popcorn ceilings. This work involves scraping the popcorn ceiling texture by hand. Obviously, gravity pulls everything removed from the ceiling right down onto the floor and whatever belongings are in the room. Then, application of the new ceiling texture or color can also damage furnishings or flooring. This makes it best to finish this job before move-in.

4. Closet Organization

A place really feels like home when you have your clothing put away in the closets. But not having enough shelving, hanging rods and other organization can be very inconvenient and even aggravating. Before move-in, have your closets ready to put away all of your belongings with ease and convenience. This simple home improvement will make everyday life in your new place so much easier.

5. Fencing

Help your children and pets feel at home in your new place by putting up backyard fencing before move-in. They will love having their own safe space to roam and play outdoors. This will also keep them from being underfoot during your move as they explore their new backyard domain. Fencing being in place is especially important if your new home features a swimming pool.

6. New Locks

When you move into your new home, there are still keys in other peoples’ hands. The former owners, neighbors they trusted, family members, real estate agents and others may have keys in their possession. This can feel scary to incoming homeowners. Sometimes, it even proves dangerous. Instead of living with this risk, have a locksmith come out and replace your old locks before move-in.

4 More Key Home Improvements to Make before Move-In

Besides the bigger projects above, there are other quick home improvements you can make before move-in. Each of these will make your life more comfortable and keep your family safe and healthy in your new home.

Other home improvements to make before move-in include:

  • Replacing batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Replacing HVAC filters
  • Checking for leaks and fixing any you find
  • Childproofing or pet-proofing your home to suit your family’s needs

Each of these improvements only take minutes and can provide greater convenience and peace-of-mind.

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