When moving from one home to another, should I move my furniture or buy new?

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Posted on Mar 29, 2023

When moving from one home to another, many people wonder, “Should I move my furniture or sell it to buy new?” Should you have professional movers transport your furniture for you? Where does your cost make the most sense?

Should I move my furniture?

You can keep yourself awake many nights before relocation, wondering, “Should I move my furniture?” This is a very personal choice you have to make for yourself. But to do so, you should carefully consider both options. You will likely find that keeping many items makes sense, whereas selling or donating others makes your transition easier.

Instead of losing sleep, weigh the pros and cons of moving versus selling your belongings.

Consider Your Furniture’s Practicality

Sometimes furnishings fit into one home, but do not work well in another. To decide whether the furniture you own is practical for your new lifestyle, answer the following questions:

  • Is it functional?
  • Is the furniture comfortable?
  • Is it of good quality?
  • Is the furniture durable?
  • Is it in good condition?
  • Will it fit into my new home or apartment?

Consider Your Sentimental Attachment to the Furniture

Sentimentality plays a big role in whether you like your furniture and want to keep it. Some pieces are worth the cost of moving from one place to the next. Others are not worth their weight and you should let them go. That is, unless they make you feel happy, at home or otherwise good when you use them.

To understand whether your furniture has sentimental value, answer the questions below. Thinking through your answers will help you decide your answer to, “Should I move my furniture?”

  • Is it a family heirloom?
  • Does it trigger warmth or happiness?
  • Is it one of your favorite pieces?
  • Is it stylish and something you are proud to own?

Consider the Monetary Value of the Furniture

While cost is a big factor for concern over whether to “move my furniture,” buying new furnishings certainly costs much more. If you have pieces with high monetary value, you should certainly consider moving them from one home to the next.

Ask yourself these questions about monetary value to decide upon the answer to your question of, “Should I move my furniture?”

  • Is the furniture expensive?
  • Is it a collector’s item, an antique or vintage piece?
  • Is it handcrafted or made with high quality materials?
  • Was it made by a well-known manufacturer?

Weigh the Risk of Damaging Your Furniture

No one wants to move their furniture, only to have the piece damaged. If there is high risk for damage, selling your furniture may make sense. Heavy shelving units or large pieces often fall into this category.

Consider Cost When You “Move My Furniture”

Some pieces of furniture cost a lot to move. A grand piano, wall-sized entertainment unit and a large bureau are good examples of pieces that cost more to transport than others. Consider the cost estimate provided by your quality moving company in the Triangle Area, to make this decision. Their consultation will prove helpful.

Call the Experts in the Triangle Area, to Answer, “Should I move my furniture?”

The professional movers of Branch Out Moving & Delivery in Raleigh understand your anxiety about moving costly items. Get the answers you need for, “Should I move my furniture or sell it?” We are happy to provide a cost estimate and more information to help you decide what goes with you to your new home and what you want to replace once you get there. Call Branch Out Moving & Delivery today at 919-888-0090.