Stress-Free Moving Prep Tips from Your Moving Experts in Raleigh, NC

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Posted on Jun 29, 2023

No matter how much or how little distance exists between your current home and your new one, moving is stressful. But with some planning and forethought, you can enjoy stress-free moving prep. Your Raleigh, NC moving experts, Branch Out Moving and Delivery, provide four big tips for an easier move, below.

Enlist the Experts in Moving Prep and Delivery

Many of us want to do everything ourselves, when it comes to moving prep. You worry about your most treasured belongings. You want to know which box holds which items. More than anything, you just want to feel less stress about your upcoming move.

Really, the whole moving process feels less stressful with the right help. To feel your best through this naturally nerve-wracking process, enlist moving experts you can trust.

Take Care of Yourself While Experts Take Care of Your Belongings

Enlisting expert movers for your most stress-free moving prep means you can focus more on your needs and those of your family. When someone else is doing your packing for you, you immediately have more time and energy for self-care, compared to when you try to move everything yourself.

Having experts in preparation, packing and delivery means you can wait longer before packing your household goods and furniture. You do not have to live out of boxes and tripping over containers for weeks on end. Nor must you sacrifice healthy meals for microwave dinners and fast food. Instead, you maintain a normal routine and a sense of “home” until your actual pack-up and moving date, scheduled to suit your needs by your expert movers.

Organize Your Tasks According to Lists

Moving prep means more than just packing boxes. You also must handle all of the minutia of moving, such as:

  • Post office or mailing address changes
  • Utility transfers, disconnections and connections
  • School and work changes
  • Medical care changes
  • Finding new grocery stores, a gym and other services
  • Finalizing move paperwork or contracts
  • Buying or selling furniture and other items
  • Cleaning each property
  • Getting to know the new neighborhood

Because you have an expert moving team packing your personal items and moving them, you can focus more on other tasks. Organize these tasks according to the time you have before moving and delegate whichever duties you can.

Get Rid of Your Junk

Most of us have junk. We all receive gifts we do not use or simply own things we no longer need. Whatever you have that you do not use, consider getting rid of it before your movers arrive to pack your household. Have a yard sale or donate to local charities.

Science has proven that we feel stress when exposed to excess, such as when living in a cramped space with too much stuff. Whatever excess items you can clear out, doing so simply makes your moving load lighter and more affordable. It also makes your new environment less stressful.

Learn to let go of the junk and free yourself from it for a stress-free move. Just imagine how much time you will save, not having to unpack and find places for all of your unused belongings!

We Make Moving and Delivery Easier and Stress-Free

In Raleigh, NC Branch Out Moving and Delivery understands what your move feels like, for yourself and your loved ones. Through over two decades’ experience, compassion for your needs and families of their own, Branch Out Moving and Delivery ensures you feel safe, relaxed and cared for each step of the way.

Rely on the Raleigh experts for your moving prep and delivery. From your old home to the new one, you can rest assured your belongings arrive safely and securely at affordable rates. Call Branch Out Moving and Delivery today at 919-888-0090 for your moving needs throughout the Triangle Area and the state of North Carolina.